*New* Performer JC-70 27  speed recumbent Trike

A 27-speed aluminum frame trike for $1,435? 

Yep! Start your trike adventure ooking at this new and improved trike!

what people say

When looking to make a purchase. I consider the “five P’s”!

PRODUCT on hand
PROFESSIONAL sales staff
PATIENCE with the customer
PERSONAL attention to specifics
PERFORMANCE commitment to excellence

The staff at RBR have earned a “5 STAR RATING” in all of these areas!

Al G.

Dedication to Figure Out the Best Trike for Me

Anyone reading this, please consider a drive to State College to meet Rob and his crew. I drove four hours and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

Ted R.

Sensitivity to Health Needs

Ever since enduring a spinal-cord injury I have been seeking a compatible bicycle that will enable me to enjoy the outdoors. They provided extra work and added parts that were not part of the original order to help accommodate me.

Oleg O / Haifa, Israel