RBR (Recumbent Bike Riders) has been serving the recumbent community since 1999, first from a dining room, then from a garage, and ultimately from a storefront in central Pennsylvania.

In that time, RBR has gained a reputation as a shop with excellent customer service.  RBR is serious about recumbent fun. We’re serious about pairing you with the right bike or trike, but we love the fun of watching folks discover their recumbent grin. We like to keep RBR relaxed. Come and hang out for a while, and keep coming back until you find the recumbent that will keep you smiling for miles on end.  If you’re looking for a a great recumbent with great support, look no further than what our customers have to say about us. We look forward to having you as a customer and can’t wait to get you on your ‘ben!